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A project by

Austin[austin bot servers]
bot.meister[(mEAn) bot manager]
Cpl. Shrike[shrikebot]
Nova[bots - united]
Pierre-Marie Baty[racc-ai]
sPlOrYgOn[pod-bot mm]

Contact either of us if you want to join!

What is Bots United ?

Bots United is where computer game developers and enthusiasts alike can get together, make new friends, have lots of fun, and at the same time discuss the latest in gaming technologies and development - all under one roof.

Our immediate goal is to bring together the entire community of developers who create computer controlled players (bots), for the common purpose of sharing ideas and supporting the advancement of bot AI technologies.

Bots United is currently inviting all bot authors who are working on bots for 1st person shooter games, such as Half-Life, Quake, Unreal and others, to join our community.

If you are one of the many people who make use of bots in their gaming endeavors, you are welcome to join the Bots United community. We host several forums that are hosted directly by the bot developers themselves, and there's also a forum for general off topic discussion. No matter if you are a technical wizard or not, you are encouraged to join in on any of the discussions that may interest you.

Our long term goal is to build up an integrated community of computer game developers and enthusiasts, where all aspects of game development are explored. Bots United will evolve in stages, to include all aspects of game development. Our current expansion focus is on AI technologies for computer games, starting with FPS bot development.

Bots United is run as a non profit organization. We rely solely on the generous support of volunteers and valued contributors. If you think you can help out, or have original content to contribute, please contact one of the administrators and let us know what you can do for the community - we'll be happy to hear from you!

The Bots United Team
...and big thanks to botmeister for this little blurb!

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