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Bots United - The Bot Community

The Bots United organization as a whole, is governed by a five member Council of Administrators (the Council). The initial selection of Council members are chosen from the active participants who initially founded Bots United. The council membership is selected by nomination followed by a majority vote cast by the founders.

Following the initial selection, the Council is bounded by the Governing Rules as specified herein.

The Council serves as the caretaker of the entire Bots United organization. The Council's mandate is to advance and achieve the goals of Bots United as defined within the organization's mission statement.

The current Council of Administrators of Bots United is:

Pierre-Marie Baty

The Council is currently presided by Pierre-Marie Baty.

The Governing Rules

1. The forum and its dependencies are administrated through decisions made by a Council of Administrators. The Council must always consist of 5 people. Council members will remain as such until they either resign, or are removed by the Council.

2. All Council members MUST participate in scheduled meetings and votes or automatic removal will result. A tolerance threshold will be defined by the Council to make the present rule flexible enough to suit every Council member.

3. Should a Council member resign, or go absent for an extended period of time, he/she must be replaced by nomination, followed by a majority vote cast by the remaining Council members. Any existing Bots United forum moderator or administrator can be nominated, or nominate himself, to join the Council.

4. A Council President is selected from the 5 Council members, first by nomination, followed by a majority vote. Any existing Council member can be nominated, or nominate himself.

5. The President's term lasts for 3 consecutive months. At the end of his/her term, the Council either elects a new president, or reaffirms the current President in his/her capacity for another 3 month term.

6. The President has the same rights, and performs the same role as any other Council member; however, the President has additional functions, where he/she acts as the Council's unified voice, or spokesman, and is given the power to resolve decision dead-locks and enforce Council resolutions. The President's powers are limited, where he/she cannot unilaterally impose rule on the Council, instead it is the Council that decides on, enforces, and enacts decisions through majority vote.

7. Should there ever be a decision dead-lock, the President has the power to resolve the dead-lock as final. Should the President's decision not be accepted by any Council member, the Council member should resign, otherwise automatic removal from the council will result.

8. The President's powers are automatically reduced should there be less than 5 council members, i.e., for the system to function, there must always be 5 members. If at any point, less than 5 council members exist, replacements must be found as soon as possible.

9. No decisions, other than council member replacement, can be made by the Council, unless the Council consists of 5 members.

10. New council members are selected by a majority vote cast by existing Council members. The President cannot break tie votes on council member selection, however the President can throw out a Council nominee should there be disagreement over his/her selection; i.e., the President can request that a new candidate be selected, thus removing the disputed candidate from further consideration.

Changes to the Governing Rules

The present set of Governing Rules, as well as the Bots United mission, may only be changed by unanimous agreement by the Council.

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